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3 Disney Tips and Tricks!

Hi Friends!

I wanted to share with you the tips and tricks that I try to use on all of my Disney trips. Some I have learned from other people and some just from having been to Disney since I was very young. Hope they help with your next trip!

1. Get up and out!

I know, you are tired and getting up early seems impossible, but it is so worth it! Getting to the parks and through security before it opens will give you such an advantage over other guests. If the park opens at 8 AM, I would suggest getting there by 7:30 AM. You will have an hour or two of much shorter ride times before most of the other families and guests get to the park. If you have a park hopper, around lunch time is a great time to head back to your hotel and rest at the pool or take a quick nap. Head back out around 4 PM and enjoy the night at another park. I do this almost every day I'm there and it helps prevent me from getting super tired and overwhelmed at the parks.

2. Fast-Passes!

So, most of us know that when you are staying at a Disney Hotel you get to choose your fast passes 60 days early. Planning your park days out fully is a must! I always have an agenda that includes my top fast pass picks for each day along with my dining reservations. But did you know that you can choose fast passes for your whole trip 60 days before the FIRST day of your trip. This means that you get to pick fast passes for future days in your trip technically before the 60 days out. Use this to your advantage and plan top fast passes towards the end of your trip. This may sound confusing so I will give you an example of what I am doing for my next trip.

I arrive on December 3rd, so Disney allows me to choose my fast-passes on October 4th at 7AM. My #1 fast-pass is Flight of Passage, I will have a smaller chance of getting it on my first few days of my trip (because more people are also getting to pick fast-passes), but I have a higher chance of getting it on one of my last days of my trip (fewer people will have access to these days as well). I planned Animal Kingdom for later on in my trip and hopefully will be able to score a fast pass!

3. Refresh the My Experience App!

This might be the biggest Disney Hack that I use religiously. Just because you don't see a fast pass or dining reservation available, does not mean it will not be available in the next 5 minutes! REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH! I have been able to get Peter Pans Flight Fast-passes day of while at the park. People are constantly changing and cancelling their own fast-passes and reservations. Use it to your advantage!

Hope these help you! Have a magical day!



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