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3 Quick Tips on How to Save $$$ @ Walt Disney World

We all know Disney is expensive, but one thing about Disney is you are paying for perfection and you will be getting perfection.

BUT.. here are a few tips that I use to save money on my trips.

1. Annual Pass Holder Discount

Even though, I do not live in Florida and don’t get to Disney as much as I wish I could. An annual pass and all the benefits that come along with it are so worth it to me!

· Up to 20% off certain restaurants, link here

· Up to 20% off merchandise at so many stores, link here

· Discounts on Special Events (Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party, Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party, After Hours at Parks, and more! Here is a list

· Also, after 2-3 trips to Disney I have made the purchase price of my annual pass worth it, just based upon entrance to the parks.

2. Amazon Prime Order

I am a huge fan of Amazon and I basically order everything off of there. If you are like me and have a prime membership with free shipping take advantage of sending items to your hotel before you arrive!

Here is a list of a few things my family and I bring;

· Waters

· Snacks

· Granola Bars

· Bath and Beauty Products

· Diapers/Wipes and any other baby supplies

· Sunblock

· Coffee

· Tooth paste

· Toothbrushes

3. Bring Your Own Water Bottle to the Park

Everyone knows that water bottles at Disney World are extremely overpriced. Save yourself from wasting around $4 on a water bottle and get a snack instead! I personally like to order water and have a case sent to my hotel, but there is also the option of bringing your own water bottle and filling it with free water through out the parks.

I have linked some water bottles that are light and can be stored in your bag easily.

  1. Baiji Waterbottle

  2. Tomnk Waterbottle

  3. ChukDan WaterBottle

  4. Zonegrace Waterbottle

Hope these help!



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