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Mickey Refurbished Lunch Boxes! How do I do it??

Most of you know by now, but since Gucci released Mickey lunchboxes as handbags, everyone in the Disney style world has been dying to get their hands on one.

I do sell refurbished ones in my shop for people who do not wish to take on the task of refurbishing one on their own. It is not the easiest process, but it also is not the hardest if you are crafty and have the time.

So how do I do it?? Layers on layers on layers!

1. Sand the lunchbox! With a very light sanding paper! Be patient and take your time. I linked the sanding paper package I used here.

2. Spray Paint PRIMER, make sure to use a primer that works on plastic surfaces. I suggest two coats.

3. Spray paint with whatever color you choose that works on plastic surface. I typically do 4-5 coats, I use a whole bottle.

4. Top coat! Again you need one that works on plastic surfaces, and I typically do 4 coats.

Between all the coats and all of these steps I give the lunchbox 24 hours to dry. You do not have to wait that long, but I like to make sure it has set in properly.

Hope this helps!



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