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My Staple Pieces for Disney Trips, Part 1

Hi Friends,

I am going to start off by admitting, I am an over packer, there is no way around it. I love clothes and I love having multiple outfit options. BUT, I always bring my basics that can help me in putting together any outfit in Disney while also being functioning.

First let's talk, bottom basics. Here are a few of my favorites...

1. Biker Shorts

I will link here my favorite pair (wearing size small here). Not only are they comfortable for a day in the parks, but they are so cute and fashionable right now. I wear them with so many of my different vintage shirts and they are perfect for denim shirts.

2. Levi's Denim Shorts

I am obsessed with Levi's, their shorts and pants are by far my go to's for a cute and comfortable denim look. I bring at least two pairs with me to Disney, I end up wearing them the most out of anything. My only suggestion is to size up, they are meant to be more of an over sized fit and do not have much stretch to them, so I always size up one size.

I will link some pairs that I love below;





3. Leggings!

For the times when it gets a bit colder, I always bring leggings with me to wear to the parks. They are comfortable and to a lot of people that is all that matters for a long day walking around. My favorite are the Lululemon align leggings, they are sooo comfortable, linked here.

For a less expensive option, these amazon dupes are supposed to be just as good! Linked here.

Keep an eye out for Part 2!



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