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Walt Disney World During Covid - Top Questions - Part 1

Hi friends! I recently traveled to WDW in September and got so many questions about traveling and navigating Disney during these times. I am going to go through some of the top questions I got asked. This is based off my experience at Disney and are my opinions. Thanks for following along!

Question #1: Do they allow you to take off your masks to take pictures?

Answer: The general answer to this is no, you cannot take off your mask in the parks. Cast members are constantly monitoring this and making sure people have their mask on completely (which means over your nose and mouth!). People do try to take them off to take photos, but as soon as a cast member sees you, you will be asked to put it back on. This is not the same for eating and drinking, I will go into that in the next questions.

Question #2: Can you take a drink while you are walking around the parks?

Answer: This may sound harsh, but no you cannot take your mask off to take a drink while you are moving. You can simply step to the side, socially distanced from other people and take a drink. Disney is not trying to prevent you from eating and drinking, believe me! We all know how important snacks are to your Disney trip! Just be precautious when you do it. Right now you cannot walk around Epcot sipping your frose, which yes is devastating, but you can still get one and step to the side to drink it. We will all be sipping around Epcot without masks again sometime soon! For now just follow the rules that keep you and others safe.

Question #3: Does it still feel Magical?

Answer: Yes! Yes! Yes! I still felt the magic everywhere I went. As a Disney community I think being able to come back to the place we love so dearly is magical. No one can control what is happening right now in the world, but I do know I enjoy life much more when Disney is open rather than closed. I know that a lot of you cannot justify coming to Disney right now and thats alright. You can feel the magic through videos and pictures other people are sharing. Simply, seeing someone in front of the halloween decorations at Magic Kingdom makes me smile.

I went into my trip knowing that things were not going to be the same, how could they be? The world is not the same. I was just happy to be there. Seeing Cinderella's castle for the first time in awhile brought tears to my eyes. The smells coming from the Main Street confectionary instantly brought my into a state of euphoria. Waving to Mickey as he went by on his float, brought the biggest smile to my face. Disney is so much more than rides to me, and I think that is why no matter where I am on property I can find something magical.

Question #4: Did you feel safe?

Answer: I love this question because I think my answer and the response I have gotten from other people, shows just how well Disney does everything. I haven't felt as safe as I did in Disney anywhere else I have gone. No one is taking social distancing as seriously as Disney is. Everything is marked off with lines, every ride, every food line, every type of transportation. It is crazy to think about how long it must have taken. There are also so many cast members whose job it is to help people maintain social distance. The Mexico pavilion in Epcot is strictly monitored along with almost every store in the parks. There is someone at the exit and entrance marking off one person in and one person out on their phone. Every single person in the building is accounted for. As usual Disney has thought of almost everything.

I will be back with Part 2!

XO, DisneyNDenim

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